China Adventure Questions & Answers

1. Deposit/payment

You pay non-refundable deposit upon registration. You pay tour fare balance on ticketing day. Both dates are on your trip flyer. Citslic accept payment by your check, cash or credit card.

2. Final Itinerary

You will be provided with a final itinerary with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the hotels, flight information, etc. approx. 1 month before trip departure. This may vary slightly from the current published one. Be sure to leave a copy with someone at home and always carry a copy with you on the trip.

3. Departure & Free Shuttle Bus Service (If Applicable)

Specific flight/gate/time, etc. information will be available prior to the departure date. You have to check in your international flight no later than 3 and half hours before the flight take off. The free shuttle bus service on departure day and return day might be applicable for groups within driving distance to the gateway airport.

4. The Plane/Flight/Seats

All flights are regular, scheduled passenger flights by Boeing 747, 777 or 787; Seats are assigned at check-in (Airlines contracted with us based on the condition not to pre-assign the seats for group travelers, but you can always try your luck to call airlines after you obtain the flight ticket in hand for a pre-assign since sometimes the airlines staff who take the phone call might not recall you are group traveler). We will check in as individuals, not at as a group. The plane has 4 aisle seats and 2 window seats in each row. We should arrive early enough to get good seat assignments. It is an approximately 12-hour flight. You will be served 2 meals and there will be 3 movies. You will receive your airline tickets before the departure date.

5. Luggage

You are allowed to check in 2 pieces of luggage (max. 50 pounds each, but 70 as total) per person plus carry-on (i.e. luggage and a purse/laptop/briefcase).

6. Frequent Flyer miles

Airlines normally do not count mileage to group travelers. But you can still try your luck when you check in. But for sure you cannot use your mileage points to upgrade on this trip, since it is already discounted.

7. Arrival

Upon your arrival to Beijing Airport, after going through immigration and customs, you will see your tour guide hold a sign with your bus number. The tour guide leads you to board your pre-assigned bus. Tip: Don’t sleep too much on the plane if your arrival scheduled in the afternoon or in the evening. You want to be tired when you arrive, so you will get a good night’s sleep and reduce the effects of jet lag. Please wear your name badge provided by Citslinc.

8. Hotels

Hotels are 4 and 5 Stars. All the hotels have Western style (restrooms) facilities and include hair dryers and internet service. If you bring electrical appliances or gadgets that will need charging, it is recommended that you bring electrical adapters. Although the hotels have them, you don’t want to take a chance that they won’t have enough for everyone. Unless otherwise notified, all rooms will be booked as non-smoking.

9. Changing Hotels

The night before we leave each hotel you may be asked to will leave your luggage outside the door and a porter will pick them up and make sure they are loaded and ready to leave before the passengers arrive. Other days you may need to carry them to the bus.

10. Meals

Breakfast will be a Western and Eastern buffet at the hotel. Lunch and dinner are family style at local Chinese restaurants. Soft drinks and beer are served. The beer is very good quality. Chinese liquor is very strong. The wine is poor quality.

11. Water

It is not recommended that you drink any tap water unless you boil it. Bottled water is available at the hotel or can be purchased on the bus or from local vendors.

12. Daily Schedule

We will wake up at 6:00 am, eat breakfast at 7:00 am and leave the hotel at 8:00 am for the day’s tours and return after 8:00 pm. If you wish to leave the group (or not join the group for the day), let your bus tour guide know.

13. Bus travel

You will be assigned the same bus for the entire trip. Each bus with 50 seats will usually take 20-30 passengers. Your seat on the bus will be “yours” for the day. You can leave personal items on the bus for the day but take valuables with you.

14. Business Conference

For those interested in making business contacts in Beijing you will have the opportunity to meet with government officials and business leaders after dinner at the hotel. Please fill out the “Business Inquiry Form” and return it to the trip planner so we can arrange to have the appropriate people there. Dress for this event is “business attire”.

15. Optional Tours

Optional tours will be available for an additional charge. The tour guides will describe them to you and if interested, you will pay the guides in cash (USD/CAD).

16. Dress

Informal. Dress comfortably and in layers. There is no time to change clothes during the day. Bring a coat, dress in layers, jeans are OK for all venues.

17. Weather

In March or November, the average high in Beijing is 49°-52°; the average low is 29°-33°. In Shanghai, the average high is 61°-65° and the average low is 46°-49°. You have higher temperature in April or October. The weather at the Great Wall will be cooler.

18. Shopping

We will be visiting some factory stores, but don’t feel obligated to buy. If you purchase from a street vendor be prepared to barter; do not pay the initial asking price. Many stores are able to ship purchases home for you.

19. Tipping

Tips are not included in the trip fee. Total tips are $39 for the whole trip. This will be collected in USD/CAD CASH by your first tour guide at the Great Wall. If you receive special services, an additional tip is not necessary, but OK if you wish.

20. Passport & Chinese Visa

You are responsible for obtaining your own passport. It must be valid until at least 6 months after visa obtain. China’s travel visas are valid for 10 years if your passport applicable. You may get your own at a Chinese Consulate, or the trip planner can do it for you. If we do it for you, we will need 1 passport photos, your U.S. passport, the Visa application form (complete boxes # 1.1, 1.15, 1.17, 1.18, 1.2, 1.22, 1.23, 1.24, 4.3 and sign), and a check for $155 made out to Citslinc International, Inc. After we send your packet off, it will be returned in about 2 weeks. The trip planner will let you know when we will accept visa applications. To obtain your travel visa with Canadian passport, the trip planner is to help you with our back up information.

21. Shots/Vaccinations

Special shots or vaccinations are not required to enter or travel in China. Check with your personal physician regarding your situation.

22. Travel Insurance

Citslinc buys Post Departure Travel Insurance policy for each passenger, but it does not cover for travel cancellation.

23. Money/Currency

Most stores will accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Discover Card is not generally accepted. You can exchange USD/CAD and traveler’s checks at the hotel, banks, and airport, although US dollars are welcome almost everywhere. If you take cash, take small denominations. Street vendors do not like to give change. ATMs are available at hotel lobby. Tip: Contact your credit card company to notify them you will be using your charge card in China. For cash, you need smaller denomination to deal with street vendors.

24. Single Travelers

If you are traveling alone and do not wish to pay the additional private single room fee (single room supplement), the trip planner will match up same gender single traveler.

25. Cell phones

Your cell phone works in China, only after you buy the international service from your provider.

26. Additional Travel

If you want to leave the group during the tour, please notify your bus tour guide. If you want to do additional traveling after the tour, check with your own travel agent. It is possible, but you will be responsible for all additional costs and arrangements.

27. Suggested Websites:

What you can and cannot bring on the airplane (US Transportation Security Administration):
International Travel (US State Department):
Questions about bringing items back from your trip (US Customs & Border Protection):

28. Final Advice

Be flexible and adventurous. And remember, you are in a foreign country.

For more information on this event, call your trip planner, J.R. Gonzales (512) 295-9999