“For anyone who thinks they could never afford to go to China, this is the trip you cannot afford to miss! The price is amazing for all we got to see and do and I’d definitely do it again.”
Diane Gomez
“We returned from China this past Saturday night exhausted but at the same time exhilarated. The trip was a challenge in terms of all the walking, climbing, long periods of sitting, etc. but gee was it worthwhile. I just can’t see how the planners put such a tremendous package together so inexpensively… We saw so much beauty and history. Our guides were outstanding and their knowledge of China seemed unlimited. We went to the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, rode the worlds’ fastest train, Forbidden City, Lunming Lake, Longevity Hill, Seventeen Arch Bridge, Lingering Garden, Tiger Hill, and the Hanshan Temple. We visited the National Embroidery Institute, a Jade Factory, and the Lingyin Temple with a 64-foot-high camphor wood carved Buddha. Also went on a boat cruise on West Lake of Hangzhou, walked the Bund, a famous waterfront park and on the last night saw a magnificent Chinese show called ERA. What the Chinese acrobats can do is remarkable… We visited Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. It was a trip of a life time. Talk about a bargain of a price, check it out. By the way the weather was perfect. We had expected much colder weather and rain but lucked out. Hope this answers a lot of questions.”
Chris and Donna Luna
General (Retired)
Boerne, Texas
Texas State University Alumni
“Thank you for putting together such a successful trip to China. It far exceeded our expectations! From the guides to the hotels to the food, everything was wonderful! Al and I truly enjoyed the entire trip, and we thank you so much for making it available.”
Judy and Al Bishop
San Antonio, Texas
Texas State University Alumni
“It was one of the most memorable trips of our lives. The trip was so perfectly organized and efficiently functioning that we felt like living a family adventure. Apart from an emotional view, the relationships established enabled us to experience and understand China’s stimulating business culture. Worth to go back!”
Patricia and Ricardo Moore
Dallas, Texas
“We attended JR’s trip to China in October 2007 and the trip was well-organized, fun, and educational. The tour guides were knowledgeable, informative about the Chinese culture, and extremely helpful. The food was varied, tasty, and well presented. The hotels were all outstanding, as well as the buses. The sights and events scheduled for the tour were awesome. We highly recommend this experience of a lifetime.”
Jean and Jene Laman
San Marcos, Texas
“The trip to China was the greatest experience of my life. I went with an open mind to observe, participate, and test everything. I was not disappointed. I had a great time and came back with some souvenirs that will last me a lifetime.”
Guadalupe Jimenez
Houston, Texas
“In 2012 my significant other and I went to China with JR Gonzales. I had been there 30 years before but this trip was the best. We had more fun and laughed the entire time. We went from seeing the Great Wall north of Beijing to the Forbidden City as well as riding the fastest train in the world in Shanghai – China’s 265 mph MagLev. JR took care of everyone and made it easy and comfortable as well as fun. Highly recommend”
Michael Fjetland
Houston, Texas
“At first, I wasn’t sure about going to China. It wasn’t one of the top places for me to visit at this time in my life. This opportunity fell into my lap and I couldn’t resist. I am so glad that I ended up going. The culture, religion, history, and architecture are unbelievable in China. My favorite part of the trip was walking the Great Wall of China. It was something that I knew about before I went – so it made the event more meaningful.”
Andy Brohpy
Austin, Texas
“The trip to China was very personal enriching experience. The visit to China’s historical sites and traveling with other Hispanic business owners and leaders in our community was very beneficial. Once you have been to the Great Wall of China and see the growth taking place, you come back with a very positive view of a great country. I recommend the trip in March 2008 to friends willing to open their eyes to the new China and willing to making new friends.”
George Autobee
Denver, Colorado
“I knew going on this trip to China was going to be an experience of a lifetime. It definitely changed my opinion of the country, the people, and the food. All the tours were amazing. I was surprised on how well the people treated you and how they were very humble. The factories we went to were great, I especially liked the pearl factory because the manager, a very pretty girl, gifted me a pearl for guessing how many pearls were in the shell. I enjoyed bargaining with the street vendors, it’s the way they do business and it was awesome getting something you wanted for a price you were willing to pay. The food was amazing, especially the one where a family hosted you and fed you a traditional Chinese meal. The price for this amazing trip is unbelievable, it’s definitely a steal, and the hotels are awesome; I would do it again next year for sure.”
Ricardo Fernandez
Houston, Texas
“This trip is outstanding for the first time traveler to China. The exposure to their culture, their magnificent museums, The Great Wall, the shopping….subjects you’ve only seen in pictures and/or studied about it school! While rushed most of the time, it is still great only because there is so much to see! And lastly, the hotels that accommodated us were first class all the way!! I will be going back.”
Eddie Reyes
Dallas, Texas
“Our trip to China was an amazing physical and spiritual journey. The sites were breath taking and the social aspect eye opening. I left this adventure with a new appreciation for my freedom, history, and a wonderful new group of friends which I will share a lifelong correspondence. If given the opportunity, I would recommend this trip to any and all. Thanks for experience.”
Denny Delgado
“The trip to China was one of the best travel experiences that I have had in my many overseas tours. The sites were very interesting, and the history and current status of the country was eye opening to me. I was very impressed with the modern and ancient architecture of the buildings. The city of Shanghai is amazing in its futuristic look and the bullet train should be an option. The tour guides were knowledgeable, and the bus drivers were very skilled in their abilities to avoid many potential accidents…… Overall, I would recommend this trip for any age person; I took my daughter and we both felt very safe and comfortable with our surroundings throughout the trip. JR did a good job in organizing the trip and resolving any wrinkles. Thanks to him and Pauline for their efforts to make this a fun and educational experience. We have made a lot of new friends and had the opportunity to enlarge our perspective of another way of life.”
Bill Brophy
“This trip to China far exceeded our expectations in such a wonderful way!! We never dreamed that we would see so much and be so entertained and so educated on the country 100% of the time. The hotels were luxurious and the food was surprisingly good, especially the western breakfasts. Our tour guides were so knowledgeable and helpful. J.R. did an amazing job of preparing us for this trip of a lifetime. The price is right, the time is right, so don’t miss this opportunity. Our views are very different now than before our visit to china. Kind, warm people and not so oppressed as we thought. We will never forget our visit to the Great Wall or Tea Plantation or the Silk factory or the Pearl factory…. Amazing, amazing trip!”
Lewis and Linda Gilcrease
San Marcos, Texas
Texas State University Alumni
“This trip far surpassed my expectations and I had high expectations! It was a rich blend of history, cultural exchange, sightseeing, tourism, economic development, culinary delights and an overall appreciation for how much we have in common with people half way around the world. Dollar for dollar you must not pass up a chance to go on this trip. The airplane ticket alone was 150% of the total cost of the trip. I am going again in November.”
Kari Frilot
CEO – Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce
Pahrump, Nevada
“For many years we longed to see China, and our dream finally came true. For some reason or other a trip to China continued to be postponed as travel abroad seem to mostly take us to Europe. J.R., you presented us with the opportunity for a Tour of China that was too good to turn down, and we haven’t regretted one second of it. The trip was beyond our expectations as the service provided by the tour was first class. Our hotels were luxurious and top notch all the way. Everything was done in a timely manner and on schedule. We don’t know how we could have seen and done so much if it had not been so. With all the wonderful pictures taken during our trip for others to see, nothing compares with actually being there to experience one of history’s oldest civilizations and its great people. It sure helps round out one’s perspective of the world!

Thanks J.R. for being there just at the right time for such a wonderful trip, and especially for being so patient with everyone.”

Dieter and Cristina Billek
Austin, Texas
“I really enjoyed the trip, I’m glad I was able to experience the other side of the globe, way cool. My only regret is not learning more of the language before I came to chat with the locals. I was very impressed the hotels and the meals. I thought everything was very accommodating. The tour guides were extremely patient with us about our questions and problems. All in all, it has been one of my favorite vacations thus far.”
Melissa Rothrock